common questions

What should I do if I have any problems with Sima System Ariya products?

Call 88507936

What is needed to send a machine from the city?

You must first check the serial behind the device through the SISA Guarantee Portal at in the “Serial Review” section to see if the warranty for the piece has been completed. If your device still includes a warranty, in the “Warranty – Report a Problem” section of the portal, enter your serial device along with the contact information and then complete your device package (using a sheet of contact information and device problem Attach to the company’s address. Also, make sure to write down the serial number of the device to help you if needed by our colleagues in the warranty department.

IP Address Username Password What is the default for modems?

The IP address for modems is

You must use the guest username and password to enter the modem console

The modem is connected to the Internet via cable, but wireless does not have the information in spite of being connected.

It is probably connected in the bridge mode, which could be a mistake in entering username, password, vpi, vci. In 90% of cases vpi, vci is not logged correctly.

Why in some cases the test result of the modem is sent to the warranty of time, and sometimes it is indicated in minutes?

When customers complain about the device and do not need a lot of time to test it, a quick job is done. But if the bug appears during continuous use of the device, it’s natural that more time is needed until final response is required .

What are the warranties?

It is quite obvious that the failure due to the external factor is a guarantee.For example: the wireless device has been weakened.In addition, the device’s accessories, such as an antenna, adapter, battery, etc., are not warranted under any circumstances.

How to up grade DL4311, DL4310

First, look at the device version from the box or the back of the modem, which is opposite to the serial number, then download the software from

(Note that the same version of the device will be downloaded and updated, for example, if your modem R123 … is version 1.

If 4311EU ……. V3 is download version 3. Otherwise, the device is out of warranty.)

Then, in the modem console, select the Maintenance section in the upgrade section of the downloaded file


Why do not I have the ability to connect to the Internet despite the initial settings in accordance with the installation guide?

At the start of the Quick Start menu, hit the start button and then hit the next button A message appears on the screen that is related to auto pvc, which you can click on on the cancel option and continue the steps from the persian manual.

If the DSL light is off or blinking, you can call the service provider for your Internet service, and if the line is declared by the support department, you can check the health of the modem to the CIA’s Warranty Center referring to the Arya system. Get (Phone Support: 88507936)

What is the best solution to improve wireless signal in large environments?

The best solution for improving the wireless signal is to add an access point and to design the correct location of the access points.

Does adding an antenna to wireless devices increase the coverage of wireless coverage?

If the device supports the output power of the device, the coating surface will be slightly increased, but in most cases the addition of the antenna will cause the wireless signal to be stable.

Obviously, the connection of an antenna with an extra power reduces the final signal


What are the reasons for blinking ADSL lights on modems?

A. Failure to set up a DSL line from the server side

B-Noise the telephone line in the wiring of the building

C) Do not use Splitter before modem

I-Do not connect the phone line to the modem

Do two modems work on the same ADSL line?

No, this is not possible

Why is not my modem connected to the computer?

If your modem is wireless, connect to the modem’s modem (LAN) first for modem settings. Make sure your computer’s network card is properly set up, including driver installation and IP address.