Sima System Ariya System is an importer and distributor of high quality network products with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry and network of Iran. Sima System has active representatives in 31 provinces, 394 cities and more than 1000 cities. Apart from importing and distributing network products, the company also offers great warranty and after-sales service to its agents and customers in every corner of this vast country. At present, technical representatives of the Sima system in provincial centers have the possibility of providing local services to users, organizations and companies in each province. We are always ready to accept active representatives from small and big cities, so if you think you can get a Be the active representative of the system, be sure to contact the sales team of the system.

System activities are divided into three categories:

Commerce and Branding:

Network components are the heart of any communication platform or computer network. As a result, the quality of network components, 24-hour support of 7 days a week, and a reliable guarantee of the important parameters of creating a reliable and reliable network. Sima System Aria is pleased to introduce the following brands to the Iranian market:

We always support our customers, so in addition to importing and distributing the company’s products, Sima’s support and warranty system also provides its products. Below are three sub-categories of activities that the company offers, in addition to importing and distributing products from the Sema network, it also has its own support and warranty system.

  • Import and Distribution
  • Get Standard and Certification in Iran
  • Warranty and after-sales support

Project Management:

The key to success in modern environments and IT today is the implementation of projects in an optimal and effective way. This requires specialized staff and experienced teams that have a history of complex projects from the beginning to the final stages of their resume.With its experienced and experienced personnel, Arya System has always been able to satisfy the needs of its customers in the ultimate speed and accuracy. However, we are constantly striving to serve our beloved compatriots better than ever before. Sima System Aria  Company offers a wide range of expertise in planning, designing, engineering, manufacturing, consulting, monitoring, and maintaining data centers.