Internship and practical courses in CIMA system
You can apply for the internship in the following three categories for internship

We accept the following courses at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level:

  • Electrical engineer and computer engineer: from network, telecommunications, electronics, control, hardware, software and the like
  • Financial and accounting and the like
  • Marketing and advertising and the like

You will need to send an email to to apply for Sima’s internship. Write in the subject or subject the “apprenticeship application” and in the text of the email specify the following:

  • first name and last name
  • Field of Study
  • The desired internship category
  • Period of the period
  • Required hours of internship

After sending the email, it is necessary to follow up with the staff member of Sima System Company to provide a specific date for the interview. After the interview, it is clear if you can take your internship to your system.

At the same time, it is possible that you only request practical experience (and not necessarily an apprenticeship unit) to attend the above courses, but you need to complete the application process completely and you will be accepted if accepted.