Thanks to your choice of purchasing the products of Sima System Arya and wishing your complete satisfaction of the products purchased, in order to facilitate the provision of after-sales service, the products of this company are labeled with the Sima system warranty on the box of products available. Are.

Warranty Terms:

• The system’s warranty includes 12 months of replacement and 24 months of after-sales service. In addition to the initial 24 months of the 6 months of after-sales service, you will receive a gift by signing the serial device in the Sima’s lottery lottery. In the 12-month period of replacement, the problem is the piece of software, the software is replaced, and if the problem is with hardware, piece hardware will be replaced. In the 30-month period, the after-sales service is a spare part of the existing equipment, and repairing it for free if the piece can be repaired. Defective receivables will eventually be processed within 48 hours of arrival at the after-sales service center. If this time is over 48 hours, a piece of support is temporarily lent to the client. Parts that are referred to the center more than two times with repeated faults.

• The expiration date of the warranty is calculated from the date of sale registered at Sima System. You can check the warranty date by using the serial number on In case of repair or replacement, the remaining warranty period is calculated based on the date of the original sale.

• Given the rapid advances in the production of network equipment, if the item is not present, the same product will be offered, taking into account the difference in price of the day.

• Any physical damage, fire, non-standard temperature, impact, deliberate degradation, water and moisture and dust contamination, chemicals, unusual and non-standard use, such as connecting the telephone port to electricity or inducing voltage fluctuations on the telephone line And the network, repairing or upgrading the device by unauthorized persons will invalidate the warranty.

• In order to provide after-sales service, it is mandatory to have a Garrett card, and any damage to the Volgram and serial devices will cause the device to be disconnected from the warranty.

• The warranty includes only the device itself and does not include any accessories such as an adapter, sipiler, etc.

• The shipment of the faulty device to the warranty department of the company and vice versa is at the discretion of the buyer. And any blow that occurs when shipping by post, the courier of shipping companies will remove the device from the warranty conditions.

• In order to provide after-sales service, a warranty is required and any damage to the hologram, seal and serial devices will result in the device being disconnected from the warranty. Visit for follow-up steps.

• In case of inconsistencies, the levels will be publicly communicated through this system.

• In the event of unexpected events, the duration of the suspension is added to the warranty period.

It is worth noting that the warranty hours of the unit of warranty are from 9:00 to 15:00 and from 9:00 to 12:00 on Thursdays from Saturday to



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